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Is it Necessary to Buy a Cat House Catio Enclosure?

by WatsonEmily on Mar 31, 2023

Is it Necessary to Buy a Cat House Catio Enclosure?

A comfortable cat house should be considered if you have more than 2 cats, because it will suit multiple cats with plenty of space for felines to relax in outdoor and indoor. You could also put your small dogs, raccoons, squirrels, foxes in it.

Fresh air is good for all creatures, your cats or your small pets is also no exception. However, changeable weather and sudden danger can completely affect the experience and comfort of your cat and your pets outside, as well as your mood of the day. Because of unpredictable situation, when you take your cats or small pets outside, you will always have to care them wherever they go and whatever play. 

Therefore, a comfortable cat house should be considered if you have more than 2 cats or 2 small pets, in order to let your kitties happy and freely play on the grass on a safe basis. Well, a cat house is important, and it would be necessary to play a role in your home and would solve all your external worries. It will suit multiple cats with plenty of space for felines to relax in outdoor and indoor. You could also put your small dogs, raccoons, squirrels, foxes in this catio outdoor cat enclosure with 2 removable doors and weather protection if you want.

Here we list 4 reasons to share with you on the necessity of purchasing a cat house.

1. Cat House Can Keep Comfy in Bad Weather

Just as what we mentioned before, if you allow your cats to run away outside, you will meet the trouble that your cats may come back wet after playing outside in the rain. In order to avoid this terrible situation, the cat house with a waterproof asphalt roof, covered with asphalt, will never leak, it will protect your pets from the bad weather! You don’t need to worry about bad weather any more.

2. Cat House Can Keep Safe with Wood and Wire Frame Structure

Will you think that a plastic outdoor cat house which is randomly constructed will be enough and safe for small cats? Well, actually sometimes there will ferocious animals like big dogs that pop up out of nowhere, and almost all small cats will accidentally or inevitable get hurt. It is dangerous for cats or small pets to play outside without any protection. So, a solid wooden outdoor cat house enclosure, with the fir wood treated with a water-based stain and metal wire material, will keep your furry friends safe and secure. It won't be hazardous to your pets since it has been put together with an animal-friendly sealant.

3. Cat House Will Play the Role of a Real Home

Home is important for all creatures, why don’t choose a multi-tier loft main house with doors and windows for easy access and better airflow, and comfortable home for your cats? 4-story cat house includes a pane window, a sliding door, a small hinged door, and a ramp for easy access. 2 spacious sleeping houses connected by stairs offer super soft and warm lounging spots. Main cat house with doors and windows will totally play the role of cats’ real home where they can enjoy the happiness of lives.

4. Cat House Should be Large and Convenient

Your cats will be connoisseurs of comfort. Thinking about providing them a cat house, equipped a window for good ventilation, 2 doors for easy in and out, a ramp for them to climb and latches to ensure safety will be the most perfect gift and the best home for your cats or your small pets. It should be large, so that any adult people can access the cat enclosure to interact with the pets while making cleaning easier.

In conclusion

Buy a comfy and safe out cat house should be necessary for your cats or small pets. If it is difficult for you to choose a suitable one, here are two different types' of cat house for you to choose, and their functions are also different.

Orange Cat House PE1002OR and Grey Cat House PE1002GY are totally multi-tier main house with doors and windows, they will be easy access and get better airflow.

Cat House with Wire Mesh PE1001GY and PE1001OR are totally play wonderland, these types of cat house have a removable back panels which allow cats to access the cattery though a window or door.

In the end, it’s time to provide the combination of open, vertical spaces and interior cat house. Just as Paula Cole said: “Just watching my cats can make me happy.” If your cats or your small pets feel happy, you will also get happiness.