1. What is Review Ambassador Program?

Review Ambassador Program is a based on unbiased communication between selected reviewers, Elecwish Inc, and buyers. Elecwish offer products to professional reviewer to review and publish their review result on elecwish.com. The goal is to provide customers with reliable feedback by using reviewers, meaning they submit frequent, honest feedback that other buyers consider helpful.

2. How Does It Work?

Once join, “Review Ambassador” receive products which are shipped to their doorsteps at no cost. They then use the products and provide insightful reviews that reflect their honest and unbiased opinions - positive, neutral, or negative. Reviews of a product ordered through reviewers appear in the same location as other reviews. “elecwish Review Ambassador” reviews are distinguished with this special note "Customer Review of Free Product" for full transparency.

Many products from all types of categories on elecwish.com are added daily, ensuring that “elecwish Review Ambassador” always have something new to try!

3. How Does elecwish Review Ambassador Benefits Reviewers?

We will send samples to “elecwish Review Ambassador” when the product is on sale or even prior to the product hitting the market to acquire those essential reviews. Everyone is looking to buy products with 4 or 5 stars, and elecwish professional review ambassador can help kickstart a product listing’s progress with its informed evaluations. 

“elecwish Review Ambassador” can enjoy all the premium products on our website for free or half price, and have the opportunity to experience new smart products we will launch in the future.

4. Is There a Cost to Become elecwish Review Ambassador?

The cost of being an elecwish Review Ambassador is FREE, aside from some tax burdens on products received, and there is no compensation for participants’ time. They receive free or discounted products to review.

5. Who Can Join Review Ambassador Program?

Currently, to get the chance to review, you must be a special reviewer. You can be a social media Influencer focusing on product reviews, an expert in the furniture industry or just an experienced buyer who rate products, you just need to indicate your identity. Elecwish hope that you

  1. Register an elecwish account and become one of our members
  2. Have been evaluated or published ≥ 50 product reviews
  3. Comply with laws and regulations and commit to publishing authentic content

Or it would be great if your

social media account have ≥ 10k fans

We welcome all professional reviewers to join this program to review our product!

6. How Can I Join?

Customers who consistently write and share insightful reviews on any platforms are most likely to be welcomed. Review Ambassadors are shoppers like you and are not paid to participate in the program. To stay in the program, you are expected to share honest and unbiased reviews. If you want to be one of elecwish Review Ambassadors, please fill in your information in the blank below. Send email contact@elecwish.com to learn more about this program. We will contact you once your information is eligible.


Keep reviewing and look forward to your joining!

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