ELECWISH is committed to meeting the life needs of different families at different stages, pursuing the coexistence of ingenious design of customized furniture and affordable prices, so that every family can create and have a better home life.

What we can provide?

1. Personalized material selection, you can decide the material you want to use, we will create exclusive furniture for you. You can choose to change the material of any of our products. For example, you can choose your favorite countertop for the dressing table and we will replace it for you.

2. Personalized program customization. You can contact our designer to put forward your ideas. We will design a unique piece of furniture for you, including color, pattern, text, shape, internal space and materials, and other aspects of private customization.

How long does it take to customize your furniture?

Because it is customized, we will provide you with one-to-one designer services, during this process, our designer needs 3-5 days to communicate with you to understand your ideas and needs. Then the draft design needs 5-7 days to come out for you to confirm. In addition, the final product may take 30-60 days to be manufactured. It takes about 40-70 days in total to complete your customized furniture.

How to order custom furniture?

Feel free to contact customer service via email or phone. Our design team will reach you as soon as possible.

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