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About Elecwish

Elecwish is not an ordinary furniture retailer, but a one-stop solution platform here, which owns 3 overseas warehouses to help you realize your ideal home, bring your vision to life, decorate, build, and create your home. If you are looking for beautiful, long-lasting furniture that brings you peace of mind in your space, then Elecwish is what you need.

Elecwish has many kinds of furniture, with a stunning variety of premium and uniquely designed furniture ranging from office & gaming furniture, bathroom & kitchen products, bedroom & living room supplies, patio & gym equipment, appliance & tools, and lighting supplies. We value customers and deliver exceptional customer service to facilitate customers to possess the best purchasing experience online and enjoy every moment and space at home. In addition, we are also looking forward to being our customers’ support and service partners and committed to creating a place, a community, and a culture around servicing customers who want better for their homes.

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How It Works

How to start?

We work with the affiliate network Commission Goaffpro and ShareAsale(ID:105508). Please directly search for our account ID or brand name.You can also send proposal to: affiliate@elecwish.com. Once it approved, it’s easy to earn commission by referring shoppers.

What People Are Saying


Affiliate Marketer

"The Elecwish Affiliate Program has been a game-changer for me. The competitive commission rates and the extensive product range have allowed me to earn significant income while promoting high-quality home furniture. Highly recommended!"


Affiliate Partner

"Joining the Elecwish Affiliate Program was one of the best decisions I made as an affiliate marketer. Their dedicated affiliate team has provided exceptional support and guidance, helping me optimize my promotions and maximize my earnings."


Home Decor Blogger

"The Elecwish Affiliate Program offers a diverse range of home furniture products, making it easy for me to cater to my audience's needs. The exposure cooperation opportunities, such as newsletter campaigns and exclusive discounts, have allowed me to provide added value to my followers."


E-commerce Affiliate

"Elecwish has truly excelled in their affiliate program. The high commission rates and the availability of product feeds have helped me drive more sales and earn better rewards. I appreciate their commitment to supporting their affiliates and fostering a mutually beneficial partnership."

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