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Buy Guide on 4th of July Sale

by James Lee on Jul 03, 2024

Buy Guide on 4th of July Sale

Celebrate Independence Day with our amazing 4th of July sale! Enjoy a storewide discount of 12% on all items. Plus, take advantage of incredible savings with up to 55% off on selected products. This is the perfect time to see what you can grab at a great price. Furnish your entire house with our fantastic deals. Don't miss out on these limited-time offers!

Selected Pet Product Offers

This versatile indoor/outdoor retractable baby gate is designed to extend up to a width of 55 inches to 140 inches and stands 33 inches tall. It can be easily adjusted to fit various openings in your home, ensuring it meets your specific needs. When not in use, the mesh can be fully retracted, making it a convenient and space-saving solution. Perfect for creating a safe environment for your curious little ones, keeping them away from potential hazards and providing a secure, enclosed area for them to play.

The gate's retractable feature allows for easy storage and minimal clutter when it's not needed. Whether you need to block off a staircase, a doorway, or an outdoor area, this gate offers the flexibility and security you require. It's an essential tool for any parent looking to childproof their home effectively.

Originally priced at $48.99, this baby gate is now available for just $36, making it an affordable option for ensuring your child's safety. Don't miss out on this great deal to create a safer home environment for your little explorers.



The automatic cat feeder with smart APP control. 5L large capacity dispenser achieve equal distribution of pet food on two bowls, effectively avoiding uneven feeding. You can monitor your pet's meals and status anywhere, anytime through the camera and voice call on your smartphone when you are outdoors. Controlling your cat's diet in a healthy way, now buy it at $36.96 with a total of 34% off.

Automatic Cat Feeder PA705


Selected Bedroom furniture Offers

We designed this unique and personalized pattern to make your home more special. The dazzling red and classic blue on the drawers not only complement with each other, but also symbolize the desirable yearning for life. No matter where you place it, this 9 drawer dresser adds a touch of fascination to your space. Now from $93.99 drop to $38.7.

Dresser for Bedroom with 9 Drawers


Selected Outdoor garden offers

Outdoor misters for patio work great for hot summer days, kept the garden cool all day long. It comes with UV-Resistant PE tubing, which is flexible and durable. Equipped with the US standard brass adapter(3/4"), brass nozzles with silicone ring and good sealing tubing connector, all these premium accessories make the misting system put out a nice fine mist and no leaking. Now can get the lowest price in $15.2 with 20% off summer deals.

f315e2de-06b2-42c6-8717-ab4b46eda882/elecwhish-Misters-GA702-20-1.jpgGarden Misters for Outdoor Patio

More discounts pls check out at https://www.elecwish.com/pages/activity-sales-collection, there's always something you need!

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