Beach Tent Sun Shelter UPF50+ 20×13FT OD750

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  • 【Triangle Structure Design】This beach canopy is supported by 3 Aluminum poles and 8 sandbags. The 2 sandbags and the support poles form a stable triangle, which makes the windproof ability stronger. In addition, it comes with 3 wind ropes to makes this beach shade canopy own better wind resistance and stablity. Obviously, it must be more stable than traditional 4 sandbags beach tent.
  • 【UPF 50+ Lycra Fabric】The beach sun shelter is made of durable and elastic Lycra fabric. With full of elasticity, it can completely resist the pull caused by strong wind. The beach canopy can reduce more than 95% of harmful UV rays, protect skin from sunburn with a UPF 50+ UV protective coating. Outings in the summer will become a lot more pleasant and safer when you have our beach tent.
  • 【Large Family Beach Canopy】The size of this beach sun shelter is 20×13 FT. With 3 aluminum poles up to13FT in height that increasing the shaded area by 80% than other beach shade canopy. The bottom of the pole with metal point increase sturdiness. This beach sun shade canopy can accommodate 8-12 people, perfect for families, friends or gatherings, etc.
  • 【Portable Beach Gear】Elecwish sun tent for beach includes: 1x Beach Canopy Tent(20x13ft), ,3x Aluminum Poles, 3x Windproof Ropes, 3x Sand Shovel, 8x fixable plastic spikes. Weights 8.8lbs together and comes with a durable nylon travel bag, you can carry it anywhere easily. This beach shade tent is easy to assemble. With less than minutes of setup, you can start enjoying the shelter in an instant.
  • 【Multiple Installation Ways】You can get a 2 pole or 3 pole beach shelter. Different installation methods get different shading areas. You can flexibly move the sandbags or adjust the position of the poles to change the angle of the shade, get the perfect shelter from the sun and keep enjoying the beach. As every beach has a different slope and exposure, get creative and make the beach be the perfect spot for you.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
todd woodall
Thing was great

Loved it, held up well to the beach winds. Easy to put up in minutes and provide much needed shade.

Amazon Customer

Very easy to setup!

Kerry Weber-Thompson
So happy!

We are on day 3 of our beach vacation and this canopy has been a lifesaver! There's 4 of us. We grab a corner and it is literally up in 5 minutes. Then down in 5 minutes. Some said it's too low to walk under, we find we just sit under it mostly so that didn't bother us a bit!**** Super happy worth this purchase!

Will Wesley
Easy to set up

The reason we wanted a sandbag beach tent was because the bent-pole beack tents just always seem to get damaged in transport or storage. When we first set this one up, I was pleasantly surprised at how East it was and then the wind started blowing and the durability of the sandbag arms, also surprised me.The only **** thing is... it takes a bit of engineering to know where to place the sandbags to get the tent straight and stable.

Pastor B
Large Sun-Shield Awning That Sags (a bit) in the Middle if You Don't Pull It Tight

I received this sun-shield awning a bit over four months ago, and I'm finally getting around to reviewing it. Why? Well, at first it was a long spell of wet weather, and then I was busy finishing my basement, and then I couldn't find where I had put it! In other words, for no reasonable reason (except perhaps the rain). In any case, I'm reviewing it now!The awning is made of nylon according to one part of the sales site and Lycra on another part. I can only assume that they're saying that the material that is used is a nylon-Lycra blend (often 77% nylon and 23% Lycra). This material combines the strength of nylon with the stretchiness of Lycra (a good thing!). In any case, the fabric is very soft, smooth and stretchy. I doubt that it will hold sand in the fabric if you're setting it up on the beach. It's very sturdy for what it's meant to do. The poles are not going to bend on you and the fabric is very stretchy, but it's not meant for a heavy wind storm.The ten foot by ten foot awning has eight attachment points to the ground which give the four corners of the awning a very good stability. It's very easy to set up. The awning comes stuffed in a cylindrical bag. That's another nice thing: you don't have to fold and roll it up – just stuff it back into the bag. Each of the eight support “ropes” (actually just extensions of the awning) have a bag that you can fill with sand to hold the tent tight. They also provide eight ****-in tent pegs for extra security. When I first laid out the awning I couldn't find any loops for those pegs, but my wife turned one of the sand bags inside out and found a loop for the tent pegs. Since I was putting this up in my yard (see picture) I used a hammer to pound those tent pegs into the ground. I was too vigorous with one of them and broke the head off. Luckily, I have LOTS of tent pegs, so no problem for me, but be careful!The poles used are six foot six inches tall, but the center of the awning dips down so that my five foot nine inch top of my head brushes the awning when I walk under it. No big deal. But now (in an edit) I realize that I can eliminate most of that sag by simply tightening the support straps. I like how the awning is so elastic that you can lower the tent poles on one side (probably the side the sun is shining from) and still have lots of room under the tent. The tent poles are the kind that are held together with a cord so if you don't use the whole pole height you won't be at risk for losing part of your tent pole. Each pole has a two-inch rubber ball on its top which keeps the pole from poking through the fabric of the awning. Holding the poles together at first is a tie-rope with a slider which allows you to tighten the loop. These go on over the fabric and rubber ball, effectively holding it tightly on to the pole, keeping it from bouncing around in the breeze. I thought that was a very nice touch!This is definitely a sun-shield (95% blockage) but just as definitely it is NOT a rain shield. I just sprayed it with a hose and the water dripped right though the fabric with no pooling at all. That's actually a very good feature because if it was water-tight and you left it outside in the rain it would certainly collapse with the pooling of water in the middle of the awning!

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