Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger
Toilet Plunger

Toilet Plunger



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  • 【MATERIAL】 - ABS gun body with an ergonomic pistol grip, natural rubber blocked head. A natural rubber that is tough and durable for our drain blaster.
  • 【FUNCTION】 - Anti-odor, anti-blocking. It can be used for toilet, kitchen, bathtubs, shower, sink, squatting pan, floor drain, blocked pipes and etc.
  • 【EASY TO USE】 - Pull the handle about 15 to 25 times, repeat several times until remove the blockage.
  • 【EFFICIENT CLEANING】 - The toilet plunger kit has a high-pressure pneumatic function, which can deal with various blockages caused by various garbage, such as hair, cloth, tea, leaves, oil, oil, etc.
  • 【WITH 4 SIZED SUCKERS】 - With 4 different sizes of black exhaust head, the sizes are 1.96 ", 2.36 ", 4.52 "and 8" respectively.

How to use:
Step 1: Install the appropriate plug according to the size of the pipe diameter
Step 2: Pump up the hand pump about 10-20 times, until could not pump into the air to get high-pressure gas
Step 3: Block pipe outlet, have it sealed; Pull the trigger to release the high-pressure gas.
(you could have it repeated till dredge the pipeline.)

Item Type: Dredging Device
Material: ABS plastics
Plug material: Rubber
Plug quantity: 4
Package Weight: 1.1 KGS
Package size: 290*290*95mm/11.4*11.4*3.7inches

Package Includes:
1x drain blaster
4x different sized suckers.

(1) The mouth of the outlet must be immersed in the blocked fluid to guarantee air pressure. You should add enough water into the sink, pipe, or toilet; otherwise, it will not work well.
(2) If the pipeline is blocked, it is advisable to put some soft debris, making the pipeline near full blocked for better effect.
(3) You can use a towel, rags, plastic sheet, or other things to prevent water from splashing out if the pressure is too high.
(4) If the pool or sewer has multiple overflows, please ensure that the other overflows are closed before work so as to avoid accidental discharge of contaminants or affect the dredging effect.
(5) Better to pump 8-10 times once, avoiding a burst of water pipes caused by excessive pressure.
(6) This product is a pneumatic tool, please keep it away from children.

Product type Drain Augers
Product vendor Elecwish
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