Our Story

Brand Story

Elecwish is a platform to help you realize your ideal home. Your one stop solution, for cozy home furnishing with the service to help you along the way.
A home is a special place, it is your safe space after a long day, it is where you see your loved ones and it is where you are most comfortable. Making a home special first and foremost starts with the people around you and secondly the vision you have for your own ideal living space.
Elecwish wants you to help you make your vision come true, we want to be your partner, your support and service partners. We do this through cost-effective competitive pricing solutions, innovating creative inspired design principles and a culture that puts customers before all.
Elecwish to help you realize your ideal home and help bring your vision to life, we’re here to help.


Slogan Overview

”A Wish For Ideal.”