Six Advantages of Elecwish Weight Bench

Nowadays, long-term sitting and high-stress work make the sub-health phenomenon more and more serious. But the busyness of work and the long-distance gym block our steps. So a barbell bench is a very good choice for the primary or middle fitness fanatic.

Elecwish, which designs and produces intelligent lighting systems, furniture, and fitness equipment for 24 years. Facing the huge market demand, we launched this BALBELL BENCH. It was developed with pieces of advice from the professional fitness coach, which let the users get more effective.

This is a high-cost effective fashion adjustable bench. Simply designed with a unique triangle structure made of heavy-duty commercial quality steel. 440 LBS WEIGHT CAPACITY, Elecwish Weight Bench gives you an incalculable safety fitness experience, no worry for stability.


1. Multi-purpose and adjustable

Fits any User for a Full Body Workout, this Utility Adjustable Bench is Designed with 8 Back Position Adjustments & 4 Seat Position Adjustments. Just adjust the rotary knob to a suitable position and all the work can be done! It can not only achieve flatness, tilt, and descent, but also satisfy your chest, shoulders, arms, legs, and back training.

It is equipped with a large tension elastic cordage, which provides you with more fitness positions. Training methods such as one-arm dumbbell row, bent-over row, incline sit-up, bent-knee sit-up, incline press, flat bench press, arm curl, standing row can be easily realized. 

2. Easy to store

With its compact structure, you can conveniently place this space-saving gear in even the smallest home gym. The Folded bench can save 70% space when it's not used. It can be easily placed in the storage room, even under the sofa and bed. So it is also very suitable for a small apartment. 

3. Non-Slip foot cover

The foot bottom tube is designed with an enlarged rubber cover, which is safe and non-slip, and not hurt the floor.

4. Full foam foot support

Construction with full-foam foot support allows the leg to be fully cushioned during exercise and the foot is not painful.

5. Comfortable and durable leather pads

The seat and backrest are made of breathable odorless leather, which is non-slip and wear-resistant. High-density foam padding makes fitness more comfortable.

6. Thickened steel pipe

The 50x50cm steel pipe brings you enough safety and stability. Avoid accidental injury while you are exercising.

Let's start!

The improvement of living standards makes people increasingly pursue a healthy lifestyle. In addition to health, people have begun to pursuing more perfect body lines. Home workout has become a popular trend. So, with the weight bench, let's start a wonderful fitness experience at home!

How to purchase this ELECWISH Weight Bench?

Here are the links to this ELECWISH Weight Bench on the official website. 


If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to help you! 

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