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We are always looking for a comfortable and convenient sofa that can relax and rest to the greatest extent. This recliner used to help guests recover from various operations. It also helped mother-in-law who had difficulty standing up enjoy the comfort of life, and also helped mothers who had difficulty getting rid of traditional chairs begin to change their concept of chairs.

Great Value and comfort is its label. If you also encounter the above similar situation, then this recliner will be your best choice. Because it has the following unique advantages.

Elecwish Massage Recliner Sofa with Power Lift Design

This electric lift recliner chair is controlled by a button to pushchair up to help the elderly stand-up easily. Wireless control function, easy to control the chair lift and lie flat, convenient for the elderly to stand up, sit and lie down.

 Elecwish Power Lift Massage Recliner Sofa

Vibration Massage+Heating of Elecwish Recliner Sofa

2 Heated points for the lumbar part, 8 massage points (back, lumbar, thighs, lower legs),3 modes and 3 intensities. The massage time is 15 minutes by default, easily relieve fatigue.

 Elecwish Power Lift Massage Recliner Sofa

USB Port+Storage Pockets in Elecwish Recliner Sofa

With USB charging port on the side, it is convenient to charge mobile phones and electronic products. 4 storage pockets are suitable for storing remote control magazines, 2 cup holders are convenient for placing water glasses.

 Elecwish Recliner USB Port & Storage Pockets

Comfortable+Convenient Elecwish Recliner Sofa

Filled with soft sponge, and wrapped with premium linen to make it more skin-friendly, add the comfort of long-term use.

Simple Assembly of Elecwish Recliner Sofa

This lift recliner chair is ideal choice for living rooms, bedrooms, office and media rooms. Simple assembly is required with detailed instructions.

If you want to know how to assemble, click our YouTube video below to watch! 


The chair comes in 2 boxes and may not arrive at the same time.

How to purchase an ELECWISH Power Lift Massage Recliner Sofa?

If you like this recliner, click above underlined links or pictures or ARTETHYS Power Lift Massage Recliner Sofa, Vibration Message & Heating, USB Port & Storage Pockets, Simple Assembly to pick up this gift for your loved ones.

Besides, If you want to see more products, click to see more.

Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even the most common day, you can give this lounge chair as a gift to him or her, you miss.

Wish you have a nice day and an ideal purchase.❤


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