What is the Best Cooler Fan for Small Rooms?

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Due to the COVID-19 and curfew still exist, the number of Americans who are starting to work from home is increasing. Well, with the footsteps of June have begun to enter, and the temperatures soaring, we will treat the hot summer. Are you ready for the heat wave? Is your home equipped with refrigeration appliances? Although the cooling effect of the AC is the best, for those who don't like the AC, they have to rely on the cooler fans to survive. So how to choose the best cooler fan for your small home is an imminent question. Today, I will share with you the purchase of electric fans.

The first thing to do exactly is to choose the right size and type of fan for your small rooms. There are many types of cooler fans on the market, but the 4 different cooler fans below are the best. In this blog, I really want to recommend the most suitable cooler fan for a small room!

43 inch tower fan Portable Air Cooler Air Cooler with 4L Water Tank Air Cooler with 8L Water Tank
43'' Tower Fan 24'' Air Cooler Air Cooler (4 L Water Tank) Air Cooler (8 L Water Tank)
Remote Control No No Yes Yes
Water Tank No 4 L 4 L 8 L
Timer 7.5 H NO 8 H 12 H
Ice Box NO 2 4 2


As you can see from this sheet, if your home is small and does not have enough space to put appliances, the second one, Portable Air Conditioner Cooler Fan Evaporative Humidifier Filter Bedroom Home Living Room (4L) would be suitable for your home.

Small Cooler Fan in Home, Big Cool Feel in Summer

The size of cooler fan

Pay attention, please! This type of cooler fan size only 10'' x 11'' x 24'' (LxWxH) !!! Though it is small, it is still a Multiple Function Air Cooler. The indoor portable evaporative air cooler which distributes cool air through the honeycomb cooling media while the dust filter cleanses the air.

One of The Benefits of 4L Portable Air Conditioner Cooler is Multiple Function Air Cooler & 2 Ice box


Don't underestimate such a small cooler fan, its function is in no way inferior to those of larger size cooling fans. With 4L large-capacity water tank, this air cooler can be used as a fan or humidifier, which adopts ice crystal refrigeration and air humidifying technology.
2 ice-crystal boxes

The package will include 2 ice-crystal boxes, 1x air cooler and 1x Installation instruction. You just need to add the 2 complimentary ice packs into the tank, it works as a cooler!

One of The Benefits of 4L Portable Air Conditioner Cooler is That it Has Control Panel and Swing Function


I could tell you that this cooler fan has CONTROL PANEL which means it has three-speed which could meet your different needs and be applied in various occasions. You could enjoy low speed when you are in sleeping and medium speed in relaxing, as well as high speed in scorching summer. It also has a swinging function, you can swing the head automatically from right to left 90 degrees. This cooler fan swings the blades automatically, deliver wind at horizontal wide angle. 

One of The Benefits of 4L Portable Air Conditioner Cooler is Adaptable to All Scenarios and Movable

BUILT-IN HANDLE  Elecwish Cooler Fan with 4 Wheels (2 lockable caster wheels)

Besides, this cooler fan has a BUILT-IN HANDLE and CASTER WHEEL. Yes, it's easy for you to carry it to anywhere. You could put it in bedroom, kitchen, living room or even office. 4 caster wheels make it easy to move from room to room for use anywhere in your house or office.


 It goes without saying that this air cooler perfects for small room, bedroom, home, dorm or office. It is also a good gift for old people, business gifts!

One of The Benefits of 4L Portable Air Conditioner Cooler is Evaporative Humidifier Filter

Cooler Fan with WASHABLE AIR FILTER elecwish cooler fan with Detachable dust filter WATER LEVEL INDICATOR

This evaporative air cooler, humidifier, and fan is versatile, lightweight and economical. It can also be used as an air purifier because of its anion generator. Removable, washable filter and anion generator for clean air.

Yes, it has a WASHABLE AIR FILTER. The indoor portable evaporative air cooler which distributes cool air through the honeycomb cooling media while the dust filter cleanses the air. To be honest, these are also its Key Product Features.

Reviews of 4L Portable Air Conditioner Cooler

If you feel puzzled about its real function in the real life, let's see how our customer reviewed.

Jenifer Guerena
★★★★★  5.0 out of 5 stars  Perfect

Reviewed in the United States on July 15, 2020 

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