2 Best Car Coolers and Portable Refrigerators for Outdoor Activity in 2021

There is nothing worse than finding that fresh fruits and vegetables have lost their moisture and fullness, frozen ice cream has melted and only the shell is left when you are outdoor, camping or barbecue! Therefore, if you want to enjoy delicious food in a lovely environment at that time, the feeling which is full of excited anticipation and happiness will fall to the bottom in an instant.

Well, we really understood the importance of an item that can keep cool food in a particular temperature. So in order to avoid some terrible situation, Elecwish has selected 2 best car refrigerators with different capacities, one is 35-liter car refrigerator and another is 45-liter car refrigerator. Their super capacity ensure that you can enjoy all your favorite foods.

Keep read and see that why you need to carry a Car Refrigerator for outdoor activity.

  1. Large Capacity

Elecwish car refrigerator can store items in the dual temperature compartment, such as seafood, meat, ice cream in the COLD zone, fruits, vegetables, beverages, cakes and skin care items in the COOL zone. It is a perfect choice for picnic, BBQ, camping, travel and can meet all your different temperature needs!

  1. Touch Control & Bluetooth control

There are touch buttons to control it, and Bluetooth control all functions of the car refrigerator (controllable distance 10M), with USB interface. We offer a one-year warranty. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

  1. Portable Handle

There are portable handles on both sides for easy movement. A storage box on one side and 2 upper grooves offer additional storage space. The built-in LED light is convenient for you to use in low light conditions.

  1. LCD screen and Digital Temperature Setting Function

Our car refrigerator adopts compressor cooling technology, and freezes to -20 degrees Celsius within 1 hour. It has a fast cooling mode and an energy saving mode. The display panel can control the temperature and switch between Fahrenheit and Celsius; after the restart, the set temperature is the same as before the start.

  1. Battery Protection

The car refrigerator is equipped with a 3-stage battery monitor that can protect your car battery. It has a shockproof design to prevent the case from being knocked. It can be used with standard household 100V to 240V sockets or 12 / 24V power sources (such as car batteries).


Finally, if nowadays you have plans for autumn camping or some outdoor activity, go with a Car Refrigerator and open your camping shopping list!


How to Purchase an ELECWISH Car Refrigerator?

Now we have 2 refrigerators of different capacities. You can choose the ideal capacity you like:

 35-liter orange refrigerator

Fullwatt 12 Volt Portable Car Refrigerator,

45-liter white refrigerator ↓



FULLWATT EUR 45L Car Refrigerator With Bluetooth Control


If you want to read more products, just click ELECWISH website: https://www.elecwish.com/

Of course, If you want to see more detail about this car refrigerator, click to see more: https://youtu.be/aQAAavib-9o 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always willing to help you!

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